Swimming at Sunset
Swimming at Sunset

Swimming, Anyone?

Swimming is one of the very best ways to stay in shape! It exercises the whole body – legs, arms and back – without stressing the joints or muscles. It is a wonderful option for people who are overweight or who have joint or muscle problems, because they become weightless in the water. And, being weightless is very beneficial as there is no inegative mpact on the body, You can get a workout that is just as effective as high-impact aerobics or running, minus the pain. It is much easier an exercise on the body.

If you haven’t beein swimming for some time, you might want to consider taking some lessons. It can assist in improving your form and add renewed challenge to your workouts. We tend to forget some of the basic strokes and replace with bad habits. So, it’s a good idea to refresh your routine to receive maximim health benefits.

Water aerobics is another way to exercise in the pool. Did you know that there is actually “underwater boxing” classes available in many places? Check out man water exercise options and see what most interests you in your exercise regime.

If you are just starting out, take it slow. Begin with any stroke of your choice and gradually work up to a 30 minute routine. A reminder to warm-up, stretch and cool down afterwards, just like any exercise. And a quick note – the backstroke burns the most calories. ;-D

So go ahead, and have fun in the H2O! The pool awaits your arrival and it can truly enrich your health. Enjoy! Happy swimming! See you in the pool!

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