Needing a Vacation?

One of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself is a vacation! It is definitely one of the hugest de-stressors around! It provides a wonderful break in your regular routine and is such a huge positive change to your body and soul.

It enables us to travel to another place outside of our normal, regular life and experience a new world. It also provides improvement to our mental and physical well-being as it reduces anxiety and depression, makes us more creative and reflective and makes us appreciate life more.

The very aspect of reducing our stress is in itself a huge component of the release of “joy endorphins” and it increases our self-importance, confidence and mental clarity. By escaping our daily routine, we are able to open ourselves up to new experiences and positive changes.

Many people return to their jobs with more vigor, higher level of concentration and with a much more positive outlook than prior to their vacation. Taking regular vacations has also been proven to be of huge health benefit as regular travelers are much more apt to have less heart disease, lower blood pressure and improved immune systems than non-travelers.

Taking a vacation with friends or family also helps improve relations as bonds are deepened and memories are cherished for years to come! So, go ahead and start planning your next getaway! Enjoy and experience a whole new fun world that awaits you! 

Meet Christy

Less the Stress brought to you by Christy Kim a Reflexologist and Massage Therapist.  Having worked in the health field since 1999, Christy has greatly enjoyed helping several clients, family and friends with her many health treatments.

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