Shopping list, recipe book, diet plan. Grocering concept.
Shopping list, recipe book, diet plan. Grocering concept.

Healthy Eating Tips

Great News – You do not have to obsess over every gram of fat or calorie in every bite of food in order to maintain or get to a healthy weight!

This doesn’t mean you should never think about fat or calories, it just means we don’t need to set heavy restrictions on our lifestyle. Instead, why not just add some simple adjustments to our life and the way we deal with our food intake. Often, a change of how we view our diet plan can change difficult into creative.

Simple Tips for Healthy Eating:

  • Eat slowly and stop when you are full – if food left on the plate, package up for tomorrow
  • Use a doggy bag – if eating out, no need to eat everything, take home for lunch the next day
  • Recognize the difference of being hungry or just craving or being bored
  • If craving unhealthy foods, allow yourself a bit of cheat and get back on track

The magic phase for eating right is everything in moderation:

  • choose a variety of foods to get all the needed vitamins and nutrients you are needing
  • arm yourself – surround yourself with health foods and snacks to choose from over unhealthy ones
  • eat small meals – eating 5 or 6 healthy meals is better than 2-3 larger meals daily
  • no eating before going to bed – can affect your sleep. Instead eat your biggest meal at lunchtime

We should all be able to get our vitamins and minerals through our foods, but supplements can also be beneficial to assist us in our hectic lives. If still feeling tired or sluggish, try adding a different variety of foods to your diet or increasing your supplement intake to assist.

And, if still always feeling hungry, try drinking a glass of water before each meal and throughout the day. Not only does it help remove the food cravings and help your stomach feel full, it can also help you lose weight and keep you hydrated and healthy

Happy and Healthy eating! Look great and feel great! You deserve to look and feel your best! Keep up the great work and in no time, you will make huge positive change to your nutritional world.

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