Aging Can Be Fun

Aging is a gradual, continuous process of natural change that begins during adulthood. During middle age many bodily functions begin to start to gradually decline. Traditionally, when we reached age 65 we were considered to be “over the hill”. However, this aging interpretation has been revised due to the combination of more healthy lifestyles and medical advances.

Currently the average life expectancy is reported to be almost 80 years. In other words more seniors are living longer and continuing to play active and contributing roles in society. While our mental and physical skills may experience a minor decline it does not mean that we have to give up our independence.

There are many positive and healthy actions we are able to take that allow us too continue to enjoy every day of our life. The one thing that aging does not suppress is our sense of humor. I believe aging encourages seniors to view life in refreshingly different ways..

Reflections – When we look in the mirror we see this funny person looking back at us. This person may have a bulging belly and/or gray hair, and/or a balding head, and/or a big red nose and/or some varicose veins and/or a wrinkly complexion. No matter what we see it always causes us to react with a smile. This is because we are happy that our eyesight remains good and never lies to us like some people do.

Housekeeping – I often allow my rooms to get messy. This forces me to get some exercise by undertaking the stretching and bending actions required to clean them. Moreover, it makes me feel good to see them looking tidy and smelling clean again.

My Comfort Diet – I know that fruits and vegetables are healthy foods that I should regularly eat. However, I find that my mouth and stomach usually are able to persuade me to treat myself to wine, chocolates and a mix of tasty desserts.

Inheriting Stones – My doctor told me I have gall stones, kidney stones and bladder stones. To lighten my mood he told me that I may have inherited them from my ancestors that lived during the prehistoric period when stones were widely used. I wished I had been able to use one of my stones to throw it at him.

Pole Dancing – My grandmother told me she practised pole dancing every morning. She smilingly explained that the only way she could carefully get in and out of the bath tub was to hold onto the safety bar and hum while she wiggled and jiggled.

Wisdom – As I got off the scale my doctor smiled and told me that as I have aged I have gained wisdom. I told him that my increased wisdom had added 40 pounds. I also stated I would like him to prescribe some stupid pills that would take away some of the wisdom I had gained.

Couch Potato – My doctor told me I was becoming a couch potato and not to spend so much time on my settee. I took his advice and find I am much more comfortable sitting up in bed while I watch TV and enjoy my daily sweet treat.

Lifting Spirits – My senior friend told me his wife recently emerged from the bathroom wearing a towel. She said that her mirror just told her she didn’t look very good and she needed to hear a complement from him. He glanced over the top of his morning paper and said “your eyesight is still good”. She removed her towel and whipped him with it and then said “now that really makes me feel good”.

Golf Lessons – Three retirees, each hard of hearing, were standing on the 1st tee on a chilly March day. One teed off and immediately shouted “fore”. He then remarked “it’s windy isn’t it”. Another replied “no it’s Thursday”. The third man responded “I’m thirsty too. let’s have a beer”. They immediately retreated to the clubhouse.

Meet Christy

Less the Stress brought to you by Christy Kim a Reflexologist and Massage Therapist.  Having worked in the health field since 1999, Christy has greatly enjoyed helping several clients, family and friends with her many health treatments.

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