Self Discovery

Every one of us matters and makes a difference in the world. Each of us contributes to the beauty of the whole. We change the world by evolving ourselves. We make a difference in our actions, words and being a positive contributor to the world.

If darkness in life approaches, lightness will follow. We might find it through bumps and bruises, but it will be there for us – with hope, knowledge and perseverence.

Our life journey is never-ending. When one chapter in our life ends, another begins. Keep living your life book. Keep your personal illumination expanding and experience everything you are within it. Continue to bring your bright light to the world.

And, as you travel the winding roads ahead, remember your sense of humor, your sense of perspective, your humanity. Ultimately, nothing can block you on your life quest, because nothing is stronger than the human spirit that connects us all. We are a seed of what is to come, stretching upward.

Your time is now, your road is open, so keep on walking. Your life awaits you….to live it.

Meet Christy

Less the Stress brought to you by Christy Kim a Reflexologist and Massage Therapist.  Having worked in the health field since 1999, Christy has greatly enjoyed helping several clients, family and friends with her many health treatments.

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