Conscious Exercise

We exercise everytime we move in the field of gravity – walking, sitting, standing, lifting, carrying, climbing stairs, cleaning and gardening. As long as you are using your limbs, working your muscles and deep breathing, we are exercising.

By taking the stairs instead of the escalator, by parking your car a little farther from the store or by doing anything to force more movement you are developing a more energized lifestyle.

What truly counts is not only how much you worked out at the gym, but how much you have moved by the end of each day, at the end of each week, each month.

Conscious exercise is designed specifically to improve the overall balance and development of the body. Done in moderation, conscious exercise can balance, rejuvenate and energize your life. It can be:

  • combine movement, mind and breath
  • energize rather than fatigue the body
  • allow the body to relax and move with ease rather than force
  • learn to balance and use both sides of the body

Walking is one of nature’s best exercises and has myriad benefits. It is low impact, you can do it every day for your entire life and you already have all the skills and equipment needed.

Life is movement, so relaxation-in-motion is the highest form. We can all learn and should learn to relax in life. In is the highest and most necessary practice, but can also be the most difficult in our busy world. Slowing down in life, deliberately moving in very slow motion, amplifies awareness and expands time, enabling you to be conscious of every part of your movements – to notice and release any tension of which you would otherwise have remained unaware. Once we become more aware of our tension, we can automatically take steps to release and reduce it.

Our body is the most visible aspect of who we are. If reflects how we are feeling. Any negative thoughts, regrets, worries, resentments will pollute our human energy field, creating weak or sensitive areas that then are susceptible to injury or illness. A strong energy field is a strong body! You will feel more expansive, alert and relaxed.

Enjoy simple everyday practice of movement to energize your body and enrich your life. Relaxation will help enlighten your body and mind by strengtheing, clearing, integrating, aligning and increasing positive flow into every aspect of your life. Strive to make conscious what might have previously been unknown about yourself.

Enjoy getting to know you! 😀

Meet Christy

Less the Stress brought to you by Christy Kim a Reflexologist and Massage Therapist.  Having worked in the health field since 1999, Christy has greatly enjoyed helping several clients, family and friends with her many health treatments.

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